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Rachel Bissex: Music

Welcome to the Game

(Tracy Grammer, Jim Henry)
August 3, 2005,

1-9 Welcome to the Game

When you look in the mirror do you like what you see?
Now you’re out of high school will you live life on your knees?
Will you be a poet, a scientist, a nun?
Will you be a mercenary? Will you live life on the run?
Well it’s all laid out before you, all the joy and all the shame
Now that you’re a woman, welcome to the game

Don’t let the game get you cause it surely left me
Standing in the smoking ashes of my life’s debris
The flames lick my lips my eyes turn to ice
I used to be normal, I used to be nice

Your mama stands before you broken and confused
But take my love with you and you can’t lose

Every moment that’s passing reveals the next moment
That’s passing to steal time is passing
Who knows what is real
Who speaks the truth, age or youth?

Will you be a missionary in the forests of Brazil
Or a dancer down in Vegas eating little pills?
Will you be a politician will you bulldoze down the slums?
Will you show the world what’s right
Or will you sit back and act dumb?

It’s all laid out before you all the joy and all the pain
Take my love with you and welcome to the game
Now that you’re a woman welcome to the game