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Rachel Bissex: Music

Waiting on the Rain

(Amy Carol Webb)
August 3, 2005
Named an 'Act to Watch' by Billboard Magazine, Amy Carol Webb was reared in Oklahoma and West Texas in an eclectic musical family. Making her way to Miami via the long highways of the traveling troubadour, she took a break to birth two boys, returning to full-time music in 1995. She now tours nationally with five critically acclaimed independent CD's, is a motivational speaker, voice therapist and Adjunct Faculty in songwriting at the University of Miami.

Latin Grammy winner Paul Hoyle, is a producer, engineer, songwriter, arranger, vocalist, programmer, multi-instrumentalist and owner of Miami's Olde Bear Studios in Miami for 20 years. He is a graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, and has worked on many notable projects, including Shakira, Julio Iglesias, Albita, and co-produced Amy's 2004 independent release, 'Faith Fortitude Friends'.

1-8 Waitin’ On the Rain

Waitin’ on the rain…
Dust covers everything from the tractor seat to the kitchen sink
Animals move slow. They seem to know what is happening.

Half moon holding water
Overhead over our open mouths
Please, Lord, just a drop or two
You gotta help us through this time of doubt.

What’s that sound? I hope it’s thunder.
Heaven torn asunder with a bolt from above
What’s that sound? It’s just the wind
Blowin’ in dusty circles on the fields again

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray my tears can fill the creek
I rise up from a restless dream
Of waterfalls and endless green
I find myself out in the field
The stunted corn will bear no yield
I raise my arms stretch out my hands
I’ll trade my body for the land
Hey, Lord, come on and take me
You can’t forsake me I’m here to pay the price
Your electric sword can strike me down
I’m standing here ready to be a sacrifice

Waitin’ on the rain…
Thunderheads low in the sky
My throat gives out a muffled cry
The weathervane spins round and round
A change is comin’ in.