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Rachel Bissex: Music

Drive All Night

(Ronny Cox with Eric Schwartz)
August 3, 2005
Ronny Cox is a singer/songwriter and an actor. He has appeared at The Kerrville Folk Festival, on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno, The Midnight Special w/ Rich Warren on WFMT in Chicago, among others.

Eric Schwartz has been writing folk bios since 1997. Critically lauded, they have been printed in many of the nation's most prestigious publications.

1-7 Drive all Night

I’m gonna drive all night, I’m gonna drive all night
Just to get on back to you

Goodbye Virginia, I’m leaving you behind
Maryland, you been grand but I’m moving on tonight
Delaware you’re unaware I’m even coming through
I got Philly on the radio, Gene Shay and Michaela Majoun


I’m waving at New Jersey and those lovely sisters Sharar
New York, you’re a hell of a town, but I ain’t stoppin’ there.
Going through Connecticut and my old home state of Mass,
Back up to Vermont where I can see your gorgeous—

Ask me why I go around and drive from town to town
I got friends everywhere I go, they feed me, they show me around.
Ask me how I make it through all those lonely nights
Well, the boys line up right behind the girls
They want to make me feel all right

Waiting at the stage door I will not appear
They’ll see my dust on down the road, hitting all the gears.