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Rachel Bissex: Music

One Another

(Lucie Blue Tremblay)
August 3, 2005
For almost 20 years, Lucie Blue has performed in Canada, the US, France, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, at various folk venues and women's music festivals. In 2002, she was awarded the "Jane Schliessman Music Award" for "Outstanding Contributions to Women's Music". She has shared the stage with such prominent names as Randy Newman, James Taylor, Jane Siberry, Valdy, Cris Williamson and Holly Near to name a few.

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1-5 One Another
(written with Tom Prasada-Rao, BTBL)

When one voice finds another in a wave of harmony
When a woman heals a stranger with her careful empathy
When the night falls quiet to a million skyful stars
I know I am right there where you are

When one mind meets another in generosity
When one man holds his brother in his arms of sympathy
When the sun sets the sky into flames overhead
That’s when I remember what you said

December’s leafless trees reveal the mountains’ shoulders
So can we shed the anger that keeps us from each other

Time is tugging I can’t fight it No matter how I try.
‘till I slow down and discover with the eyes of a child
all the magic and the wonder in a million grains of sand

and a whole world in a child’s outstretched hand
there’s a whole world in that child’s outstretched hand