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Rachel Bissex: Music

Starting Over

(Groovelily with Rachel Garlin, Stephanie Corby)
August 3, 2005
GrooveLily inhabits that contemporary space where creative musicians ignore the boundaries laid down by words like rock, folk, jazz, and pop. Intelligent original songs with no shortage of wit connect lush musical textures with the vocals and blazing electric violin of founding member Valerie Vigoda. With backgrounds in classical music, musical theater, jazz, and rock, the three members of GrooveLily are making a new music that's all their own.

Berkeley native, Rachel Garlin, is a touring singer-songwriter with three independent albums, including a live album recorded at the Freight and Salvage. A former school teacher, Garlin has performed her story-filled songs across the country, in Scotland and Scandinavia, and on the festival songwriting stages at Newport, Kerrville, and Telluride.

Stephanie Corby possesses a rich, soulful voice that transcends the borders of musical style. This soulful songstress has successfully fused her classical, jazz and blues backgrounds into a distinct R&B-flavored acoustic sound. Corby has toured nationally for 7 years, has 2 albums to her credit and has won several esteemed songwriting awards. Her songs have been featured on TV shows such as "Dawson's Creek" and "One Life to Live."

1-3 Starting Over

Suki dropped the letter into the mailbox with no return address
She backed away from what she’d done smiled at the emptiness

Suki slipped back in the driver’s seat looked in the rear view mirror
Remorse regret she turned the key, reverse but no return

She felt the hunger in her belly and her foot down on the gas
The cry of the road
The growling in her belly made her drive too fast, static on the radio

Starting over

Suki smelled the coffee burning as she walked into the place
The waiter didn’t like her she could se it in his face

He said if you don’t like the coffee….
She thought to herself it’s a big big world out there…

Suki drove for hours for days for weeks between the broken lines
She drove by the water she drove by the woods singing “This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine. This little light, this little light I’m gonna let it shine…

Starting over