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Rachel Bissex: Music

Dancing With My Mother

(Rachel Bissex)
August 3, 2005,,

Additional songs recorded:

Beauty in the Dark – Marianne Flemming
( 1995 One Take Music ASCAP)
Marianne Flemming - 6 & 12 string guitar, electric guitar, bass, & vocals
Emma Goldberg - Violin
Engineered by Tom Christy
Mixed by Tom Prasada-Rao

I first met Rachel in 1990 or 91. She called me, shortly after that (in the winter of course) and asked if I wanted to tour from Miami (where I lived) up to Vermont. I said of course! She flew to Miami-we played a gig in South Beach and after the show we drove straight through the night to be on a radio show in North Carolina. We hardly knew each other but after that tour we became great friends. At the time, Rachel's children Emma and Matt were five and eight and I was single and fancy free. Fast forward 10 years, through many tours, tears, and talking (and LOTS of laughing), I am the one with a newborn and Rachel is flying to visit me in Madison, WI.
On the plane ride she nabbed the airplane pillow and embroidered "You are Loved" on the front and presented it to my son. It was his favorite and only "feely" for the next 4 years.
Rachel's song "Beauty in the Dark" off her second CD, Don't Look Down, epitomizes all the wondrous components of her music-poetic and stark imagery, elegant musical structures, and in so much of her work- a profound love of humanity in all of it's manifestations.

Award winning singer-songwriter Marianne Flemming started her musical career in college, playing Holly Near covers in a biker bar in Tampa, Florida. Since that time, she has woven the disparate elements and skewerd observations of her various surroundings into her unique style. Stints in the Caribbean, South America, and Europe are all reflected in her diverse music. With the recent addition of a family, Marianne is firmly based out of Madison, WI and is currently back in school to become a special education teacher.

Tom Christy of Seven Lotus Studios is a musican and engineer involved in many different musical projects in his community. In addition, he works for WORT radio in Madison, WI.

One Another – Linda Sharar
( 2001 One Take Music ASCAP)
Linda Sharar – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Terry Gonda – Background Vocals

Rachel and I were close friends, sang together often, and along with Annie Wenz, produced (and starred in) the popular "Space Girls" and "Submerging Artist" showcases at many Folk Alliance Conferences. I first heard "One Another" at one of these conferences, and immediately loved the song and especially the way Rachel sang it. …(Linda Sharar)

A founding member of Camp Hoboken and artist/co-producer of Boston's RESPOND Compilation, Linda Sharar has made a name for herself in the Northeast as an acoustic songwriter. With song topics that focus on the everyday challenges of living, loving, and overcoming adversity, she can find words for the smallest details of life as well as she describes the bigger picture.

(Song to be recorded by) -Terry Gonda
My last vision of Rachel...I pull away from the site at the end of the
Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival and in my rear view mirror I see Rachel
and Caroline Aiken hoola hooping in front of the stage. The song "One
Another" is a great soundtrack to that image for me…

Terry Gonda is Intelligence, passion and humor transported on the magic carpet of a drop
dead gorgeous voice; generating reviews of "absolutely glorious",
"positively lucid" and "intoxicating".

One Another – Juliet Wyers
( 2001 One Take Music ASCAP)

Additional Credits

Services for this project have been graciously donated by:
Victor Heyman -Executive Producer
Tom Prasada-Rao -Producer
Cary Cooper - Production Assistance, Publicity & Liner Notes
Michael Bowers - Production Assistance & Sequencing
Design Workshop Group / Ellen Bukstel - Graphic Design
Airshow Mastering / Charlie Pilzer -Mastering
Oasis CD Manufacturing / Micah Solomon -CD Manufacturing
HostBaby / Derek Sivers - Web Hosting
Stephen Goldberg, Vic Heyman, Annie Wenz -Photography
Robert Corwin, Susan Road, Judy Heyman -Photography
Emily Passman -Artwork “Dancing With My Mother”
SONiA -Poster Artwork “Rachel Lives In You And Me”

CD Committee: Victor Heyman, Michael Bowers, Tom Prasada-Rao, Ellen Bukstel, CaryCooper,
Mary Trerice-Bissex, Diane Zeigler, Micah Solomon

2-12 Dancing With my Mother
(DLD reprised for IWL)

My mother stands in the kitchen of my childhood, she’s slicing and dicing and stirring, white apron on, drinking cold coffee, baking serving caring listening.

My mother stands in the living room of my childhood, her arm outstretched as if trying to grasp the notes from Rosa Ponselle on the stereo, and the reject arm drops the next record, and the Limelighters sing about morning on a thousand hills, she reaches for my hand, and we touch, and we twirl, my brothers turn away, she teaches me about the joy and desperation in music.

My mother rocks in the bedroom of my childhood, her guitar a silhouette against the window where the white sheer curtains hang, and the headlights come, first slow and then fast around the room, first slow and then fast around the room. It seems as if they’ll never end and she’s singing to me, she’s singing about the moon, and she’s singing about lost love.

Where are you? Dancing with my mother

My brothers embarrassed, but we didn’t care emotions are meant to be shared
Brown paper bag sits by the chair, cigarette smoke hangs in the…

Where are you? Dancing with my mother

I stand in the kitchen and the living room and the bedrooms of my children’s future memories and when I look at the moon a little too long or when I’ve had a little too much wine, but most especially when I wear the white apron, my daughter sees my faraway face and she says

Where are you? I’m dancing with my mother…