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Rachel Bissex: Music

Flame Warm

(Stephen Goldberg)
August 3, 2005
Born in Queens NY, Stephen Goldberg began his creative life as a jazz trumpet player. He came to Vermont with Nimbus Dance Theater Company as Musical Director to do residencies at Johnson State College. It was a life-changing experience that led to him into a career as a playwright. Through his company, One Take Productions, Goldberg has staged more than 20 plays in Burlington, Montpelier, and New York City. Goldberg continues to perform as a jazz musician and composer. He is Rachel’s beloved husband.

Cyd Cassone has spent the last nine years touring with and managing Ruthie Foster. She has performed as a percussion player and vocalist all across the US, Mexico, Canada and Europe. During this time, she has shared the stage with such luminaries as Ritchie Havens, Peter Yarrow, John Gorka, Emmylou Harris, Patty Larkin, Brave Combo, Keb Mo', Odetta and Arlo Guthrie just to name a few.

2-10 Flame Warm (by Stephen Goldberg)
(for Remembering Rachel)

Flame warm, curtain drawn
To you I come alone
You do not wait impatiently
You do not wait at all

I am so old today
I will take any risk

Please understand it is not for you but for what you mean to me

I am not ashamed at all
I am not ashamed at all

Covers cover loveless lover
I reach for my own skin
Hologram of recent past
Spends the night within

And I’m not ashamed at all

Frozen fame, endless rain
To you I come alone
You do not turn from left to right
You do not move at all

I am so old today
I will take any risk