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Rachel Bissex: Music

In White Light

(Jennifer Kimball with special guest Catie Curtis)
August 3, 2005
Always one for musical surprises, Jennifer Kimball is known for her artful solo singing, harmonically intriguing songwriting, and her endlessly inventive harmony vocals. A veteran touring artist (her work
with The Story is now legendary) she has of late opted to play locally in the roots-pop outfit Maybe Baby. Produced by good friend and brilliant guitarist Duke Levine, Jennifer's second solo cd will be released independently in September 2005.

After the release of her eponymous EMI/Guardian cd in 1997, Maine native Catie Curtis was deemed by The New Yorker to be a "folk-rock goddess." With seven albums to her credit, Catie continues to tour in
the US and Europe and is currently working on new songs for an eighth record. A film called "Tangled Stories," documenting Catie's career and the indie acoustic music scene is set for a fall 2005 release.

Both as an artist and a songwriter, Nashville-based Sarah Siskind, the "inspired and passionate otherworldly folk artist," (Nashville Rage) continues to combine progressive ideas with traditional roots.

When he's not mastering or producing cds, Ian Kennedy sings and plays electric guitar in the indie-pop, alt-rock rock band Reverse. Oh, yeah, and he's not bad at the fiddle either.

When she's not touring the US and Europe, Kris Delmhorst might be found writing songs for her forthcoming studio album (her fourth for Signature Sounds), tending her garden at home in western MA, or
performing or recording as a supportive player on cello, fiddle, guitar or voice. She is an award-winning songwriter, who also tours with Redbird, the folk trio of Delmhorst, Peter Mulvey and Jeffrey Foucault,
playing traditional tunes, old jazz standards, country songs, and things that blur the line between those forms.

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2-9 In White Light

Sun goes down Moon comes up
Lighting the earth just enough
To see my face looking up
At her full size on the horizon

Mama did her best it’s true
Papa, too

Now they’re gone I’m on my own
Moon will see me safely home
As I drive this road alone
She will bathe me in white light

Sun comes up Moon disappears
But she’ll be back later on my dears
Tonight she’ll shine with a little less light
And with all her might

I pushed a boy into the world
Now he wears a uniform

I bore a son My only one
Moon will see him safely home
As he walks his path alone
She will bathe him in white light
In white light

It’s time to go I hope you know
Moon will see you safely home
As you live your life alone
She will bathe you in white light
In white light…