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Rachel Bissex: Music

Last Blast of Winter

(Sloan Wainwright)
August 3, 2005
Sloan Wainwright has been a pioneer all her life. A forerunner in the independent music scene, Sloan is an artist whose passionate work and extraordinary life have fused to burn a new definition for women in
music. An outstanding, highly original vocalist and a compelling performer best known for her rich earthy contralto, intensely personal lyrics, and innovative approach to song merging distinctive elements of
rock, folk, jazz, and blues to create a soulful hybrid.

Stephen Murphy’s talent for guitar runs deep. As Sloan’s creative partner since 1991, Stephen provides a lush musical backdrop to Sloan’s rich voice moving effortlessly from electric to acoustic guitar. The
creative synergy between the two is natural and compelling.

1-2 Last Blast of Winter
Snow on my branches, now the sleet’s comin’ down
If I can’t bear the weight I will crash to the ground
If I can just make it until the temperatures rise
I’ll be strong I’ll be steady in your eyes

Just hold on, Spring it’s comin’
Sun will be turnin’ our way
If we can hold on through this last blast of winter
We’ll be swaying together under blue skies
On a sweet smelling April day

Snow on robin’s nest, now the sleet’s goin’ in
She’s just trying to stay warm under her feathered skin
If she can survive through this coldest of years
She’ll be strong, she’ll be steady in your ears.