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Rachel Bissex: Music

Gravity's Gone

(The Dreamsicles (Tom Prasada-Roa & Cary Cooper) with The New Hicks)
August 3, 2005
The Dreamsicles are a Texas based duo featuring Tom Prasada-Rao and Cary Cooper, both individual winners of the prestigious Kerrville New Folk Competition. Together they are two voices, one guitar, intricate harmonies with a little cheerleading thrown in, singing “Luv Songs for Grownups”. Touring together for three years, they reel you in with their charming mix of vulnerability and sass. By their last song, you won’t know if you should prepare for belly laughs or tears. Probably both!

RB Blackstone owns Sound Madness has been engineering and producing music since
the mid 70s. He currently plays keys with the New Hicks. RB is Music
Director at the Celebration Circle, where he met Rachel. Rachel used to
call and say "RB, this is RB"

Butch Morgan is a dynamic performer and sings, writes songs, and plays
guitar with the New Hicks. He won the Wildflower Art & Music
Festival Songwriting Contest in 2004.

Kevin Lewis teaches and plays guitar and bass in San Antonio. He is
bassist for Celebration Circle. Kevin plays with Butch, Trevor and RB
at a songwriter friendly open mike on Wednesdays.

Trevor Morgan plays drums and 'yard sale percussion' for the New Hicks.
Trevor is one of the most innovative and highly regarded Drummers in
San Antonio.

Wave Harliss plays percussion and did many gigs with Rachel when she was
in South Texas.

Kenny Grohmann is an A-list steel and guitar player in the South Texas area. Kenny played
with Rachel at her first gig at San Antonio.

Carl Spann plays Sax and Flute for Planet Soul. He is a Celebration Circle
alumni and played with Rachel there.

Mark Sinko is a Berklee graduate and is the Owner/Engineer of Salmon Peak Studios.

2-7 Gravity’s Gone

Every day troubles abound.
I feel the weight of this sad world, draggin’ these chains around
My feet like lead on the ground

The graves are all I see as I keep my eyes turned down
If I lift my head I’ll see more misery

But when I’m near you I hear your heart beat with mine
And when I see you your light is so bright it’s blinding
And when I kiss you the world spins away

Gravity’s gone, gravity’s gone

The sadness of the mother’s reflected in the child
Don’t want to see another brother fighting brother

Can I escape in you? Elevate this mood.
Will you take me to your sky? We can shed this weight and fly.