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Rachel Bissex: Music


(Annie Gallup)
August 3, 2005
Annie Gallup is the winner of many songwriting awards, including Kerrville New Folk, and Napa Valley Music Festival competitions. She has appeared at Winnipeg, Ottawa, Kerrville Wine & Music and Ann Arbor Folk Festivals, at concert venues across North America, and on NPR’s All Things Considered in an interview with Noah Adams. Her sixth CD, Pearl Street (Fifty Fifty Music) was released in April, 2005. Annie recently moved back to her hometown, Ann Arbor, Michigan.,

Don Porterfield tours with many musicians, including Kate Campbell, Pierce Pettis, Billy Jonas, Sally Barris and Chuck Brodsky. He produces the Evening Star Concert Series in Sautee, Georgia, and a GPB radio series of the same name.

Chris Rosser is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, composer and producer. He is the winner of songwriting contests at the Rocky Mountain Folks and Merle Watson festivals, and has two solo CDs (The Holy Fool, 2000, and Archaeology, 1998) and a trio recording with Free Planet Radio (New Bedouin Dance, 2004).

2-6 Angel
In the spotlight of the streetlight
Trying to remember who I am
I hold the jewels in my pale white hand and my life in the candle flame

My father is a shooter in Chicago
My mother’s dancing topless in New York
And I’m here in Atlanta on the street of desire in this room of whispering nights

I am Angel, I’m my mother, I’m my father
I’ve gone mad
I am Angel, I’m my mother, I’m every lover you’ve ever had

The day in the courtroom the judge looked at me
He said set her free
That day in the courtroom the judge set me free he didn’t know he was sentencing me

I am Angel, I’m my mother, I’m my father
I am Angel,, I’m every lover you’ve ever had.

How do I get out of here I don’t know the way?
I never learned how to pray
How do I get out of here I can’t find the door? the darkness is pouring out of me.


What’s that knocking ? Is it my father coming in the door
the way he did when I was a kid?
Is it my mother coming in the door still trying to find her way to heaven?
I think it’s Billy, he’s got a forty-four and no conscience
No forgiving.