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Rachel Bissex: Music

Just Like That

(Dar Williams with Patty Larkin)
August 3, 2005
"Dar Williams may be the best female singer/songwriter in America today."
- Stereo-type
"Seasons change, but Williams remains both ambitious and pleasingly plain-spoken… And importantly, she seems more at ease than ever."
- Rolling Stone

Where Beck meets Richard Thompson. • Where Beth Orton intersects with Guy Clark. • Where Me'Shell NdegéOcello melds with Bob Dylan. • Where lost innocence mingles with hope. • Where grief and strength merge into one. • Where fear is crossed with love. • Here is the place where Patty Larkin resides.

2-5 Just Like That

When a young woman falls do you pick her up
When a young man is lost do you show him the way
When a dreamer’s dream is gone do you help them see
They gotta have a dream to help them through each day

I know some people just like that
They’d give the shirt right off their back
Yeah they’re just like that

When you find the girl you love do you steal her away
When you see the man that’s right for you do you marry him that day
When you have more than you need do you spread the rest around
Be it time be it money be it love


When you reach out the heavens open
And the sun pours down upon your face
When your heart speaks a doorway opens
And you’re welcome into a loving place

When fifty years go by does it feel like two
Do you share every moment do you always speak the truth
When you go out to a show do you dress like twins
When his hand is shaking do you put yours in his