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Rachel Bissex: Music

Hey Marianne

(The Kennedys)
August 3, 2005
Husband and wife team, The Kennedys (Pete and Maura Kennedy) are celebrating their first decade on the road as touring performers and singer/songwriters. They've taken their energetic live show all over the U.S. and British Isles, and have recorded and released eight CDs, including the acclaimed "Stand" on KOCH records, and 2005's landmark ten year anniversary CD "Half a Million Miles" on Appleseed Recordings. The couple view their fellow folk performers as an extended family.

2-2 Hey Marianne

Hey Marianne where you going with that guitar in your hand
I just want to be a singer in your band. Hey Marianne.

Hey Marianne don’t you hang your head you’re doing the best you can
I swear some day they’ll all understand. I do Marianne.

Hey Marianne you know you taught me how to just be who I am
And that we only leave our footprints in the sand
And then they’re washed away. Well that’s okay Marianne.

You just wanna sing your songs, you just wanna get along
You don’t wanna hurt no one. Do you Marianne?

Hold your head up…

We only leave our footprints in the sand and then they’re washed away.