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Rachel Bissex: Music

Royal Blues

(Holly Figueroa with Annie Wenz)
August 3, 2005
Cake Records artist Holly Figueroa started playing guitar in July 1999, when during her first tour, her guitar player broke his hip while pitching thetent before their first festival front of ten thousand
people. Not knowing anything about playing guitar, she learned three chords in threedays and finished her tour by herself. Since then, she’s played just under 1000 solo shows. She’s a mom of two, full time touring, performing songwriter, and has released four records with a fifth on the way

Annie Wenz is a multi instrumentalist/folk- roots artist & activist who travels the world performing & presenting workshops from "New Zealand's Millennium Celebration" to festivals in Costa Rica, jazz clubs in Stockholm, the far-off corners of Thailand, Bali & Mexico, as well as throughout the US. Annie is known for her unique way of blending contemporary sounds with roots/traditional and multicultural influences and funky rhythms, accompanying herself on guitar, piano, indigenous flutes & percussion instruments from all over the world.

Flautist, singer and composer Laura Sue, the Silver Nightingale has captivated South Florida audiences with her sensational solo silver flute. Her performances combine fine classical flute technique with renaissance, rock, folk, blues, jazz, pop celtic and new acoustic influences. Laura Sue's music has a magical quality that people describe as entrancing, healing and heart-touching.

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1-11 Royal Blues

The queen came for a visit, she kicked off both her shoes
She said “You got a little whiskey for a woman with the blues?”
I said “ Wait right here your highness and I’ll go and get a pint”
She said “You better get a quart my dear ‘cause I’ll be here all night”

She was diminutive in size but she was large in grace
She was so kind to my child and looked right in her face
I won’t forget the words she spoke that February night
When she threw back her shot glass and said with all her might

Do not be afraid
For you have got the power in your tender hands
Do not be afraid

Her subjects gathered outside while she played the clarinet
She said “Everyone is naked in the garden you can bet”
I didn’t understand it but I tried to play along and I didn’t recognize it but I sang her little song

She stepped on to the balcony in her bare feet
The people hushed themselves as she began to speak
And she said

Do not be afraid
‘cause you have got the power in your trembling hands
Do not be afraid

A cheer went up from the crowd who stood knee deep in snow
She turned to come back in, we could see there was something wrong
We saw her icy stare and her blue, blue lips
We wanted to kiss her, we wanted to keep her warm

I never heard her leave, but in the morning she was gone
Her gown and crown lay crumpled in a heap upon the floor
She went the back way out the back door her bare footprints in the snow
She left a note saying

Do not be afraid
Do not be afraid
You have got the power in your sweet and gentle voice
Do not be afraid

There’s a moral to this story it’s obvious it seems
You can be a queen you can outlive all your dreams
But don’t forget to leave a little something behind you when you go
Especially if you plan to walk off naked in the snow

Do not be afraid….