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Rachel Bissex: Music


(David LaMotte with Emma Goldberg & Daniel Bissex)
August 3, 2005
It's been 14 years since David LaMotte has had a real job or a real haircut. The Washington Times describes LaMotte's music as "guitar spanking open-tuning grooves as well as gentle folk-tinged pop." A veteran of 8 CDs, 1700 shows and professional performances in 45 states and 11 countries, his most recent project is the founding of P.E.G. Partners, Inc. a non-profit organization working with Guatemalan schools. A concert DVD is scheduled for release in the fall of 2005.,

Emma Goldberg is Rachel’s daughter. She is a college student at the University of Vermont in Burlington studying languages and music. While in high school, she was a five-year member of the Vermont Youth Orchestra that appeared on Rachel’s last album, “In White Light”. She is currently a member of the University Symphony Orchestra at UVM.

Daniel Bissex is Rachel’s nephew and had the privilege of occasionally accompanying her on bass. He has a degree from Williams College in Astrophysics and is currently at Norwich University studying Electrical Engineering.

Felicia Brady is a singer-songwriter from Boston. She began her music career as a piano performance major, and currently teaches music at The Winsor School For Girls in Boston. She has two solo CD’s.

Michael McNevin is a singer-songwriter from California with 4 CD’s to his credit. He tours across the country and has performed numerous times at festivals such as Philadelphia, Strawberry and the Kerrville Folk Festival. He is a former winner of Kerrville, Napa Valley and Columbia River New Folk competitions.

Juliet McVicker is a singer-songwriter from Burlington, Vermont. She has several CD’s to her credit, and was a friend of Rachel’s for many years. She appeared as a background vocalist on Rachel’s album, “I Used To Be Nice”.

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1-10 Flying

I’m pressed against the sky like I’ve been pressed against the ground
The wind is whistling by my face
I don’t know why I jumped but now I’m flying high and I won’t return to that place.

That place that weighed me down when I only needed lifting
Where the fear would overtake me and a smile would never come

I can smell the rain now, I can see the sun
But I can’t measure freedom

The sky’s crying hard now as night descends
If I just keep going this day will never end

Every now and then it is a perfect world and you do breathe easy and clean
It’s a cacophony, a symphony, a sweet harmony
It’s one heart, one heart, one heart going still.