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Rachel Bissex: Home

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Welcome to, the home of the Rachel Bissex Memorial College Fund and proud purveyor of the 2 CD set of Rachel's songs sung by her friends and colleagues, including some of the top folk performers.

Singer/Songwriter Rachel Bissex died Feb. 20, 2005, after a two year battle with breast cancer. This site is dedicated to raising funds to fulfill Rachel's final wish to pay for the college education of her children, Emma Goldberg and Matt Cosgrove.

Donations to the fund can be made either online or by check. Click the "BUY" link for more information.

A tribute 2 disk CD is now in distribution. It includes Rachel's songs recorded by such artists as Dar Williams with Patty Larkin, Groovelily, Tret Fure, Ruthie Foster, Jennifer Kimball with Catie Curtis, Tracy Grammer, The Kennedys, Diane Zeigler, Ellen Bukstel, Sloan Wainwright, Kate McDonnell, Siobahn Quinn, Rachel Garlin, Stephanie Corby, Greg Greenway, Kim & Reggie Harris, Lucie Blue Tremblay, Ronny Cox, Eric Schwartz, Amy Carol Webb, Jim Henry, David La Motte, Emma Goldberg, Daniel Bissex, Holly Figueroa, Annie Wenz, Freebo, Jim Photoglo, Annie Gallup, The Dreamsicles, The New Hicks, Kristin deWitt, Stephen Goldberg, Rachel Bissex, and others.

100% of CD sales will go to the Rachel Bissex Memorial College Fund to support Matt and Emma's education. Order now by clicking the 'BUY' link.