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Rachel Bissex: Information

From Vic Heyman:

As Executive Producer I thank Producer Tom Prasada Rao for an exceedingly fine job under extreme time pressures. Also to be thanked are the many performers who have recorded Rachel's songs at their personal expense --Dar Williams with Patty Larkin, Groovelily, Tret Fure, Ruthie Foster, Jennifer Kimball with Catie Curtis, Tracy Grammer, The Kennedys, Diane Zeigler, Ellen Bukstel, Sloan Wainwright, Kate McDonnell, Siobahn Quinn, Rachel Garlin, Stephanie Corby, Greg Greenway, Kim & Reggie Harris, Lucie Blue Tremblay, Ronny Cox, Eric Schwartz, Amy Carol Webb, Jim Henry, David La Motte, Emma Goldberg, Daniel Bissex, Holly Figueroa, Annie Wenz, Freebo, Jim Photoglo, Annie Gallup, The Dreamsicles, The New Hicks, Kristin deWitt, Stephen Goldberg, Rachel Bissex, and others.

Even more remarkable, Oasis donated the manufacturing, Airshow the mastering, CD Baby isn't taking any cut on distribution, Hostbaby no cut on hosting, and Ellen Bukstel's Design Workshop the designing. Dirty Linen, Sing!Out, Performing Songwriter, Kerrville Folk Festival, and Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, among others, have contributed advertising space valued at thousands of dollars.

Moreover SONiA (from disappear fear) created an original painting that Ellen has married to Rachel's lyrics to become a commemorative poster available for sale.

By buying the CD and poster or making a donation, you are helping to make a dream come true.

Rachel Bissex left us on February 20, 2005, a victim of breast cancer. Her friends from all over the US were devastated that this loving and so lovable artist could be taken so quickly after giving herself the maximum chance to survive. Shortly before she died I asked her what I could do for her. The one thing she was concerned about was getting her children, Emma and Matt, through college. I said that I would do everything in my power to enable them to graduate.

When the initial run of 2,000 CD sets and 1,000 posters are sold, our pledge to Rachel will be honored. You get a class CD set and assure Rachel's kids the college education Rachel wanted for them. That is Win-Win bigtime.

Warm regards